Brittany “Tilley” Hanson

President, Account Manager, Strategist, #allthethings

After spending 2 years in radio advertising in North Carolina, Brittany learned about every type of advertising there was but could never escape the effectiveness and affordability of social media! Upon returning to her home state, Virginia, in late 2015 she began Tilley’s Social Threads to help local businesses with their social media. Years later she is still doing the same thing but on an ever growing scale! She believes in staying on top of the latest and ever changing social media trends for TST Clients and serving them with excellence. 

Oh and “Tilley” is Brittany’s maiden name but since there are SO many Brittany’s she grew up being called “Tilley” and the nickname stuck!


Kelsey Tarr

Account Manager


Graduating from Old Dominion University with a degree in digital marketing, Kelsey is full of fun and exciting ideas! Her creative abilities and eye for design allow her to generate cohesive and beautiful feeds that keep people engaged and wanting more. Her skills in strategizing and looking ahead to the future helps TST client’s grow and stay ahead of the game! She is passionate about businesses and helping the people that own them. 


Daysha & Elvin-0014.jpg

Daysha Nova


Partnering up with TST, Daysha Nova implements money management systems, like, bookkeeping and a good ol' budget to not only keep track of current cash flow but the growth of TST.  While taking care of bank reconciliations, expenditures, and financial reporting, she alleviates these Creative Geniuses to better serve you, the client, and keep the creative juices flowing!


Deacon Hanson

Recreation Enforcer

Always down for a walk around the block, Deacon the bernendoodle makes sure everyone has a break in their day! These breaks are a crucial part of our creative processes.